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All Suction Cups

Bellows Vacuum Cups
Bellows vacuum suction cups handle objects with height differences and varying shape while supplying a lifting movement for separating thin materials.

Flat Vacuum Cups

Flat vacuum cups are typically designed to handle flat or slightly curved surfaces.  Available with or without cleats.

Oval Vacuum Cups

Oval vacuum cups are ideal for handling narrow work pieces. Available in flat or bellows styles.
Vacuum suction cups offer the most versatile method of material handling in the world of manufacturing, packaging and assembly today. Countless suction cup shapes and sizes allow the designer to handle virtually any item with ease. Applications examples include the handling of items such as sheet metal, plastic and paper bags, injection molding, corrugated/cardboard, electronics, semiconductor and glass. More...

Foam Vacuum Cups

Foam vacuum cups handle rough and textured surfaces. Examples include raw wood and marble, textured, non-slip profiled metal sheets, striped plexiglass, raw cement..etc.

Foam Sheets/Strips

These sheets and strips can be used to make cups of any shape. Both the strips and the sheets have a self-adhesive side which allows fixing to a metal support.

Vacuum Cups Fittings

large selection of threaded connectors for suction cups. Male and female threaded version in NPT, G (BSPP) and metric.

Ball Joints/Articulated Joints
Ball joints can eliminate the bending stresses found in lifting applications. Articulated joints allow tilting of up to 35° and can be locked in position while allowing airflow through the joint.

Level Compensators/Mounting Suspensions
Spring level compensators feature a soft touch allowing compliance for EOAT tools to ensure that all cups make contact with the parts being handled.

Vacuum Cup Fixed Holders/Extensions
Nickel-plated brass threaded bushes, with screwing nuts for height adjustment and with threaded ends.
Vacmotion offers a large selection of accessories for suction cups. Components that can prolong the life of your suction cups by providing correct and consistent contact with parts being handled. These accessories can also simplify machine design by eliminating the need for cylinders and other machine components.